Arctic Activity Center

Delta Children's Products Corp. 

Activity center, starting from field research and market research to figure out what competitors are doing. Decided on going forward with arctic theme. Researching on different animals and scenery. Every components are well thought out to avoid any chocking hazard, pinch hazard and small parts.


flat donut with snowflake

360 °swivel chair

ice cube beads with flat donut shape beads

turning ball with snowflake beads

bouncy base

turning ball with seagull

penguin & polar bear seesaw

penguin face horn with clicking turning motion

snowflake’s pattern buttons with music and lights

clicking sound tab

polar bear

front housing

penguin front housing

penguin & polar bear's back housing

(the same housing in different color)

clicking sound tab

seesaw front and back housing

(the same housing)



button's housing

snowflake's button

button holder


top tray housing

bottom tray housing

penguin face

turning penguin base

clicking sound tab

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